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I had played pacman alot as a kid. So I decided to play the game, I started it up and there was a very loud and oddly disturbing static noise. The title screen showed, It said YKP.exe instead of the usual and all of the text was dark red. I started to play and Pac man had some red pixels beneath his eyes. It was unusual but I just assumed it was a glitch. I continued playing and got to the 2nd level, now the ghosts were a bit... Gruesome, and my lives appeared to be gone although I had never lost one. Now I heard A slight screaming in the back ground, it sounded like what Pac man might if he talked. After I beat the 2nd level the ghosts seemed to have no pupils and the screaming had gotten a bit louder and lowered in pitch, Pac man began to leave a trail of blood, which I realized shouldn't happen and that it couldn't be a glitch. Then at the start of the fourth level the ghosts were on Pac Man and he appeared as if he was laying down and I couldn't move him, all of a sudden the ghosts dissapeared into an explosion of what looked like blood. Then the game zoomed to the a picture of Pac man and he no longer had eyes. Just what appeared too blood. And he appeared to have arms and legs like in some later games, but they were brutally mangled and he seemed to be whimpering. Then a dripping text showed up and said "You Killed Pacman". And all of a sudden the mangled body of pacman was hurled out of the screen and I nearly died from a heart attack, but an ambulance came by in time. Now I no longer play the games, and whenever I go to gamestop I hear a slight whimper.