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File:Screencap from episude.png
with the other decepticons megatron was planning a another attack on the autobots when starscream said "Why do we wait to attack we should attack NOW!" Megatron looked pissed and slapped starscream and said in a deep voice "The reason we wait to attack because of fuck ups like you" Starscream replied to megatron "I do not consider myself a fuck up now the real fuck up is you if i was leader the autobots would be piles of screws already" Megatron picked his arm blaster and killed starscream then we see a close up of starscream with his now black eyes with his mouth open.

File:Second screencap.png

Then megatron said "anyone else?" megatron stormed out the base and went to the autobot base.And bumblebee went to teletram one to contact optimus prime bumblebee said "Optimus prim megatron broke into the base we need your" Then megatron choked bumblebee until he was dead. Like starscream his eyes were no2w black and mouth open then megatron turned to the camera saying "tron I AM COMING FOR YOU I AM FUCKING AROUND" The episode ended from there i took the DVD out and put it back in the case and took it outside and burned it in the fire. But how did megatron know my name he is just a cartoon i will never know.

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