Never go alone................

Don't make mistake i did. My mistake was to go after my sister and see a slender like man but he wasn't slender man. He was as big as any other adult. I was lost with my sister who was older than me her name Stephanie. My sister look at the map she had. But she shook her head "I don't get it!" she yelled. "What don't you get?" i asked shyly. "The map!I don't get the map!"she growled. She began looking around and she turn backed to her map and got angry. I looked around,and tapped her sisters shoulder and pointed to a paper on one of the trees. She walked over to the paper and began to read aloud "Come one come all to the Family Tree Cirus! There's lots of games,rides, you name it!. "Mmmm....let's go to this cirus."she said with a smile. We walked for at least 2 hours. When we finally got there,it was abandon. But there was one person there we ran into him whenever we were looking for someone. "Hey you don't bump in to us without saying sorry!"yelled Stephanie and she gave him a angry look. But i really didn't care if he bumped into us,i just wanted to go home and watch tv. "s..s.. Sorry."he said in a odd way. It remined me of Jeff the killer whenever he talks but he said it in a idd way though. My sister didn't care all she wanted to do is start a fight with this guy. "Who are you?"my sister growled. "I'm Snake eye."he said. "Who calls there self Snake eye?"my sister said in a mean way. "I'll show you why they call me Snake eye!"He yelled,to our surprize he teared of hes skin and he looked like a monster! We both stepped back and watched him my sister slowly pulled out her camera and began video taping. "Where are you going? You do know that no one escapes these woods alive and no one escapes here alive ether!"he hissed. He grabed my sister and opened his mouth and ate her alive i grabed her camera and ran for my life and i didn't stop running until i escape the woods there i found the city. Our city was called Snowball City. 

Never go to the woods alone..........


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