As i was walking out of my apartment room i walk over to the vending machine to grab a quick soda, as i walked over there i noticed something on the ground that looked just like an iphone 5c, it was the yellow version of it so i got my soda and quickly grabbed the lost phone and went back inside my apartment room. I sat down on my bed and turned on the iphone, when it powered on the lock screen was pure blackness, there was also no lockscreen either and the main background was blackness too, i saw 4 apps, one was called "637:" and it crashed upon opening, second was called "Cydia" also crashed, Third was called "Photos" and what i saw still doesnt make sense. It was a picture of my door number the other was one of me inside my own fucking house, i start looking behind me as if im being watched, no one was there so i decide to lay down so i can loom in all directions, i closed the app and went to the 4th one "Hit4Hire" i went onto it thinking it was just gonna crash but it didnt, i saw a page with the words "Order a hitman today! 25000$ Min, NO ONE UNDER AGE OF 18." I saw that who ever had been logged on had a history list of people he ordered a hit on. I saw the list, "1. Jared Green (30k)", Jared is my name, i looked away from the screen to see a man dressed in black stare down at me.

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