"Where is she?" The man asked, too blurred to see- I answered while turning my head to face him, "I- I swear... I don't know..." He throws a punch at me, busting my lip. "I want to know, where.. is... she?" Spitting out blood, I had to confess some way or another. "It was last summer, July on the 17th, 2013.. We just moved into a new house. Two stories- that's if you don't want to include the attic." The man pulls up a chair, seeing his anger starring into me. "Then what?" He shouted, I look down for a few seconds then looking back at him, "It went to hell from there.. On July 21st, we finally unboxed everything, it was great, me and Molly and our wonderful daughter, Kassie. We knew that this would be the house for us. After Kassie ran around the house to what it seemed a million times, we all went out to eat. After my

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