INTRO: Hello, for those of you who play the game "Team Fortress 2" I warn you, there has been a creepy pasta leak into the game. The dangerous psyco killer known as "TheDiaBeatles". He is a clown axe murderer and is on the loose, he originated in the server of "The Brothers Googly Trade Station". The IP to this wretched place is {expecting an IP here? Too bad. WALUIGI TIME.} and i warn you, if you check out the server and encounter him, you will die. His habitat is in "Slender Jim's Forest" but has been spotted all around the map. The map is very big, giving him the ability to hide anywhere at anytime!

How He Originated: Beatles was a very kind and comical player of this game and server and was liked by everyone, but one day something happened. Beatles was granted a reward, to be admin on the server. He was so excited and filled with glee, but that day something terrible happened. He lost his mind and was over ran with power! He then went into a great depression after the main server admins (Clive and Dr. Kamina) stripped him of his powers. He killed himself that night but didn't stay dead for long. He arose as a zombie psyco killer and promised to hunt anyone who joined the server whenever they are alone...

His Abilities: After he commited suicide he still somehow kept his admin powers. He has the main weapons of the Team Fortress 2 Pyro and has abilities to do these things: 1. Noclip through walls. 2. Fly around. 3. Uberhimself without a medic. 4. Teleport to anywhere/anyone, and to teleport anyone to him.5. Infinite ammo. 6. The ability to wipe your name so you are never heard from again...

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