it was an average Afternoon when I felt like playing Team Fortress 2. I opened it up and the Valve logo was bloody. When the screen came on there was the Red Spy who had no eyes. I didn't care I thought it was a glitch. I went to Multiplayer and clicked my usual server. When I got on and picked Red Team there was a 10th class which was peculiar since there were Nine. I just clicked it and it wasn't the map. It was YOU_MUST_DIE and had the words DIE, DON'T RUN YOU WILL REGRET IT. I was startled since It was F2P What Happened? There were Panis Cupcakes everywhere and I was like what the ****? I tried to run and ran into a POOTIS BIRD eating a scout. I tried to close it and It wouldn't close and I unplugged it and threw my computer out the window.

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