Super Mario World was a really cool game...when I was a kid. Now, I can't even play mario games, anymore. Not after...what happened. It was a peaceful afternoon, at 1:07. I went to a pawn shop to buy my little sister, even though she was 19 and I was 29, a mario game. Super Mario Galaxy. Mint condition ones don't cut it for her. She likes original copies. So, I went...and found a "hacked" version of Super Mario World. It looked fine, so I took the game to the clerk and he said it was free. I couldn't believe me luck! At home, The boxart had tape that said "Mario Hack". Weird, beacuse it seems like it means it's either it was a mario hack or a certain game hack. I played it anyway. The second I saw the title screen, I said: "It's hacked, don;'t worry!". But this wasn't a hack. Not even an "easter egg". I clicked start and I went to Yoshi's House. But the level wasn't called that. It was called: "Yoshi's-"...I couldn't read it. Level one was all red and glitchy.


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