WARNING: The following pasta is the umpteenth Sonic.exe ripoff. If you do not like ripoffs of crappy creepypastas...then you shouldn't be on this site at all.

The StoryEdit

I'm a total Mario fan much like 2 people or so, I like the newer games, but I don't mind playing the classics. I don't think I've ever played glitchy or hacked games before, though I don't think I want to play any after the experience I had...

It was a nice summer afternoon, the weather was attractively hot, and I was playing Super Mario Sunshine. (I liked how you got to jump in it.) Then I noticed the creepy mailman gave me a CD game. I took it inside, and I found a note.

I realized the note was from my best friend Elyk, and I noticed this note had his handwriting, even though it was I couldn't recognize it.

This is what he wrote...


That was weird. But I didn't care, I wanted to play the game!

I saw the Mario 64 screen pop up, and I was like, "AWESOME!" but then, when I pressed start, for 666 seconds, I saw a change. The background turned red, and everything turned into pentagrams and 666. Can you count to 666? I can't.

But I thought it was a glitch, and kept on playing. There were three save files after pressing start, and characters showed up. Luigi, Luigi, and Luigi. I was confused, because you can't play as Luigi in a Mario game!

I picked Luigi #1, and I was taken to Bob-omb Battlefield. And then a creepy Kefka laugh happened, and for about 25 minutes Luigi cried, because he's a pussy.

Luigi 1 was dead, so I picked Luigi 2. Kefka laughed. I was in Jolly Roger Bay, but the water was fire. Red fire. Blood. There were dead fish in the water, and then the Bowser boss theme played, and I was scared, and then Luigi drowned. Kefka laughed...again.

Luigi 2 was dead, so I picked Luigi 3, but he died once the level started. Yep, it definitely looked hacked! But then I got a free Mario toy, and it KILLED ME! But then I came back to life to type this. This is a fake true story, by the way!

I forgot why the fuck I wrote this.

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