Hello People on the wiki and youtube if so I especially say hi to S.O.G (Some Ordinary Gamers) as i am a big fan!

so..I have a PS2 game which was my childhood favourite game "Kingdom Hearts" i loved the franchise although only the PS2 games where the best apart from chain of memories

Like i stated i love Kingdom Hearts so i downloaded PCSX2 *Brilliant Emulator* and i noticed my disc was scratched and very slow! My friend told me playing off of a disc is slower than a .iso So i downloaded the game on and downloaded it with utorrent,When it downloaded i played around and collected some stuff to give to kiari *Everything was normal* So after i collected the one coconut i needed for the cutscene when kiari says to sora "Don't ever change" thats when things got weird not creepy no not yet! So i got to the cutscene where donald and goofy fell  in the gummiship to Traverse Town but donalds line "Hello up there!" etc. remained on the screen until that point then "r"  appeared on the screen *NOTE I HAVE PROOF OF THIS WHOLE THING SKYPE ME @ aaronpwnsu1 AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE MESSED UP CUTSCENE* then afterwards 




then after that when sora finds the black hole thing random stuff kiari would say but messed up I remember one line "I need fresh Hi-Potion not salty water" and then the first line sora is supposed to say "Woah!" but then sora froze the thunder and water still moving! I thought it was an emulation glitch and closed it but i noticed something my wallpaper was no longer the original windows 7 Professional wallpaper it was...Black just black! so I made a joke of it calling it "Kingdom of glitchy hearts" or for short "Glitchy hearts" And started it up again I had to collect the second load of crap again and this time no glitchy text *?* I got to the seaside shack and saved it there because i had to leave it there 

The Next Day.............

Now i was curious to see how much i could leel sora up so i loaded my save and started playing but this time when i tried to get out of the seaside shack sora said in a text box "I'm to scared" the screen faded to black *My reaction O_O* writing came up on screen "Do not be afraid!" *The same way it was at the start of the game* then it went back to normal with sora and the box of commands and the HP/MP bars but where "???" was it said "Run!" I was curious to press it and did it showed sora walking out the door of the shack everything appeared normal I fought the so called "Shadows" and got up to level 7 i was happy with that *I did have the keyblade not the wooden sword* and went to the secret place where everything was red like blood I noticed the secret place was longer and as i progressed it was looped over...and over...and over again more blood like every step and then normal sora was  thrown out like the normal game and I was sent to Traverse town leased i THOUGHT it was! everything was warped,twisted .......I continued on but saved in sid's shop went through the chat between him and sora everything was normal there i guess...Saved and closed PCSX2 and noticed my wallpaper changed again to Sora's face same black background but sora's face in the middle he looked confused...I changed my wallpaper again to my wallpaper of tails the fox :) . That torrent was for my friend who also played and loved the game and got him set up to play it so i decided to play I hope he does not experiance the same crap i went through ugh

The Next Day...

I stayed clear of the game that day but all sorts of bad luck and urges to play struck me I was also very annoyed as a matter of fact my line that day was "SHUT THA F*** UP" to everyone! 

The Next Day....

Today I played the game all looked fine but aparently as I progressed I noticed my laptop Died Quicker than It ever did *nothing but PCSX2 open but died faster than on disc* I let it die down and started to charge it But It wouldn't turn on *Turns out it was my boot loader To start windows or ubuntu so i inserted my Vista install cd and did a repair Repaired it and started windows and saw my wallpaper was sora laughing *it was animated* *???* then after 10seconds changed to my pokemon wallpaper *Note i said It CHANGED to it NOT CHANGED BACK TO* and then          

my screen went black and reloaded windows explorer and then i saw my tails wallpaper back but he was sad and blood lay behind him *O_o* ? what happened.... I loaded the game again but it failed to load my save data and state too! Now i started getting scared in fact Litterally s***ing myself for that matter now the wallpaper changed to sora's face but his face was red empty face no eyes no background *black bg black eyes black mouth and nose* smiling at me *O_-* *Shiver* *shiver* I quickly closed PCSX2 and my wallpaper turned to a picture of tails murdered  

lying on a beach and what looked like sonic and friends crying and sora's faded image stood in the background *O_O* I quickly tried to shut down my PC and couldn't *Unable to shut down PC  Please wait for process sora.exe to finish!* I removed the battery from my PC and it immediatly shut off *Phew* 

A few days later...

I haven't touched my PC for a few days now i have been playing "Earthbound" or "Mother2" to be exact My favourite snes game i went to my PC *by PC i mean laptop* showing it to my friend and my tails picture wallpaper loaded ..My Laptop was fine but of course! It's fine when someones around but when you're alone hah! *sigh* the game loaded fine my save and state fine traverse town ...Fine wallpaper yup! fine he left as he had dinner so i played again and well you guessed it! it went giygas on me *In earthbound the battle with giygas is all twisted and warped the background anyway and messed up speeches e.g "IT HURTS........FRIENDS....." .* but then i cought sight on a messed up place where merlins place is *again i skipped everything was then normal or atleased Hacked game normal* Kiari was standing ther although she enemy?... *...*  I couldn't run and she was as strong as riku *If you need to know what i mean please refer to S.O.G's video nostalgic game stream and skip to the KH bit thanks again S.O.G I love your channel* I died as i accidently wasted my Hi-Potion because of my control setup My wallpaper changed and this time it was a white image of sora *KH1 style* lying dead in blood with   

heartless staring at ME as if they could see me i s**t myself and removed my battery and left my laptop alone for a few days 

again a few days later...

OK i'm getting sick of the s**t that's happening to me lately feeling depressed and feeling like crap everyone notices lately What is going on??? I told my friend to STAY AWAY from the game and told him to delete it NOW!!! 

he didn't listen...

He experienced the same fate and deleted it immidiatly and said "I know what you mean that game is terror i had to unplug my Desktop!"


his reply "Then how come you havn't yet?"


The Next Day...

"OK I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!" This day I made a massive mistake ...I played it again I got to wonderland the rabbit was half dead crawling on the floor with a blood trail behind him 1 eyeball out and the doors were covered in blood as for the trio sora,donald and goofy they were covered in blood also..........

  • Thanks for reading when I play on a bit more if I do i will create a part 2 to this creepypasta!* 

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