File:Nazi Spongebob.jpg

It was 3:00am, Nicktoons was showing a new episode of Spongebob. It was called: Sandy's Suicide

Well, I watched it.

It starts in a graveyard. Spongebob,Patrick, and Mr.Krabs

were in the graveyard. Spongebob cried realisticly.

Every second it will get louder. I shouted MAKE IT STOP!!!

Then static was around for 5 minutes. Act 2 started at Spongebob's House. with.. picture's of Hitler? Man, What happened? Squidward came in with a machette and sliced spongebob in half. And there was a note. It said: Sandy shot herself. Patrick's next. Act 3 started with squidward

killing patrick. Then my lights went off. It was dark. And I heard screaming. Then the power went back on. Then,

a picture of Squidward appeared. It was him and words saying YOU ARE NEXT....

Then I couldn't sleep again....

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