I have always been a real fan of shooting games, but not after my last experience.

It all started when I was playing Team Fortress 2, I was bored of always playing the same games over and over. So I decided to buy a new game from a local pawn shop or game market. So I headed down to a pawn shop down the street and checked out a few games like Hitman blood money or Tomb raider. They looked really good but what really caught my eye was a game a game called Soultaker.exe. I asked the manager how much was it and to my surprise he said it was free. So I just took the game home and put the game in the PC. When it started the title screen said “you have just unleashed my wrath”. It was pretty odd but I was too excited to even think about it. So when the actual title screen popped up it had a picture of a flaming skull. It frightened me but I  got better over time.

The game started off as you’re a crimanal and you’re in a city. And the weapons are a pistol and a knife. So I start walking around and enter a drug store. The options were: Rob/Murder/Or leave. So I decided to click on rob and my character pulled out a gun and killed the store clerk.The store clerk screamed to the point were my ears hurt. I tried to turn it off but I had to unplugged it. I went to bed after that.I had a dream that the store clerk was yelling at me saying that I killed him.I woke up and it was morning. I turned on my TV and on the news, it said that a man was shot and killed.I had forgot all about the game and played it once more.This time the skull had the store clerk in it. So when I started the game a CRASH sound was heard and my character was slaughtering a person that looked alot like my friend. Then the screen turned black. My friend was inside the skull. The screen said,Your turn. Then I heard smashing sounds of glass and tables. Then the sounds turned into screams and moans. The screams were saying “WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO US!”. Then my bedroom door opened slowly. The skull was just floating there. All the people I knew was inside of the skull. The hallway was a inferno like the title screen. The skull said in a evil sick twisted calm voice,”your mine now marvin”.

File:364px-Dead skull.jpg