This is my story and yes I know I'm just telling you about me and I don't care but here's my story and I know that people are going try to take this and change it and blah blah blah but I'm gonna tell you from the time that started my insanity ok well here it is. I was always someone obsessed with creepypasta and once I started on it I couldn't stop I mean it was kinda making me paranoid I was 11 when I found out about creepypasta. But yeah. I'm 12 now and I'm becoming more and more insane I don't know and one night I don't know what happened my family made me so mad I snuck into their rooms and tied then to the bed I stabbed their necks you know that place between the shoulder blade and the neck I took out a box (I got it from my friend it's black and has a lock and it's kinda small) and u trapped their souls in it) then I cut them open from their neck down to their stomach. And I said oh I'm sorry I'll end the pain. And I took out my knife (it's a kitchen knife) and I stabbed them in the throat. They gurgled blood for a little bit then they soon died. After I was done with my little sister I heard sirens. "Damn the neighbors" I whispered. And fled to the woods. I brought my phone and that's what I'm writing from. But I keep having this feeling that I'm being watched.....

Hair color:brown kinda blond I guess Eye color:blue Height:5'3" Last seen: at lions park You might wanna watch out for her she stalks you for a while then she strikes. And it's painful. Weapon: kitchen knife Appearance: blue hoodie, black leggings, pink high tops, pale very pale Template:By

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