As i sat at my desktop the light from my  laptop slightly blinded me. I looked at my laptops clock "3:00 am great" i thought to my self. As i plowed through all the enlarge your dick and make $3000 dollars a week ads one link caught my attention "NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART" I read it a loud. slowly i moved the mouse the link and clicked on it... all it was a was a poorly photo shopped image of a rubber duck in a redish background with the smile dog grin on its face. i looked blankly at the screen "What the hell is this shit" i thought. as stupid as the picture was i was oddly drawn to it. "alright im done" I said to myself as i turned off my laptop and crawled into bed and dosed off.I awoke about an hour later. i could hear a faint quacking. i passed it off as my imagination and fell back asleep. Then suddenly I awoke not 5 minutes later because my laptop turned on. I rolled over and saw smile duck on my screen. i got up and lazily walked over to my desk and sat down. When i went to close the tab my whole screen was was covered with the picture. then quacking returned. the duck began to emerge from the screen and that gawd awful smile was the last thing i saw...

The Po-Po found his body laying on the ground with his chest ripped apart and a bloody rubber duck sitting beside the body with a terrifying grin on its face. when they checked the laptop they saw that he had sent a email with a photo attached called Smile.Duck and it was sent to all contacts...


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