Ok guys once when I was 8 my uncle gave me anew computer. and I was really good at computer editing stuff, adn it was night and I was bored so i looked inside all the files o try to find something and. then I found a file that was it was hidden in system32 so i Didn't find it. I clicked on it and the computers made , an error sound. I went to get some coffee and come back and then when I did i say the video played. It was 2 girls with knifes in there vaginas and they were crying. A guy (the camera guy probably) said "sTad eachother" and they said "NO PLEASE" derpeately, and then they did. the hyper-realistic blood came out of there eyes and bodies. I shut off the ocumpter and went to bed, I was really scared.

The computer started up again on it's own but it resumed the video, I heard a really deep voice come from everywhere , it was backwards and warped and it sounded like "luos ruoy em evig" over and over. I grapped my 3DS and went on the sound program and recorded it. I reversed it with my tremblng fingers and it said "GIVE ME YOUR SOUL" Then everything stopped. tHe computer bluescreened and I was shaking and crying. I went to sleep. IN my sleep I was Satan in front of me. He showed me the video and then sucked my life out of me. Then I woke up and it was morning.

I phoned my uncles phone on the morning but no one answered, I asked my mom wha t happend to my uncle and she said "But you don't have an uncle."


I t was Cristmas at my house and in my city and it was 7 months since I seen the video. I went through therapey and stuff because i told my mom about that stuff. It was night and everything was quiet, i Kepped the computer becaus it was a really good computer. Then, I saw something outside of my window. "Santa?" I said. "Yes he said." I'm here to kill you. I screamed and turned on the lights, he was gone. My mom came in shortly after and I told her what happened. She just laughed and said "Santa isn't real lol"

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