I used to like Nintendo games, but now I like Playstation. My story begins when I was watching Mario and Luigi on my internet, and I yelled,"WHY DON'T I GO BUY A NINTEND!", scaring the shit out of a nearby squirrel. So I searched up Nintend for sale on Google, but then realized Google was for idiots and searched on Yahoo!. I couldn't find anything I liked, so I went into my car and drove to the mall. When got there I went to GameStop, and the guy tried to sell me a free Sonic game, but I said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". So instead of buying a Nintendo at GameStop, I went to a discount store called the alleyway. There I found a Virtual Boy and Wii. So I went back home and ran threw my door, into my house! I opened my Virtual Boy's instruction manual and say death and blood everywhere instead of words, so I closed it, and played my Virtual Boy! All of a sudden, I realized the graphics were RED LIKE BLOOD! I was scared so I opened my Wii. I opened the Wii and saw it was RED LIKE BLOOD too! I was so scared I threw my Nintend systems out the window at a nearby squirrel in the tree! I wull never play Nintend games again!

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