All I hear is GO.TO.SLEEP. I woke up in a scram...a fright...and a crazy guy with a smile cut into his face "Morning sunshine" the man said "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU" I yelled to the man "wow man The names Jeff" he said "WELL I WANT OUT OF HERE" I yelled again "to bad baby girl" "DONT YOU FUCKING CALL ME THAT" "Damn Ok I wont got it now do what I say to live OK?" "WHAT NO I..." "STOP FUCKING YELLING" "OK" so I did what I was told of me to do and killed people cleaned the house and did the dishes I DID THE FUCKING DISHES LIKE WTF. "HEY BABE COME HERE!" "DONT FUCKING CALL ME THAT" "OK COME HERE" " COMING" and so I was told to do what I HAD TO FUCKING DO So I Woke up I was tied up I could not move I saw blood EVERYWHERE I did not really have any clothes on Just my Bra and panties but the blood was not mine Jeff walks in no shirt no pants just boxers i look to the side i see a gun shoot in my side I try to get free I could not go Jeff got closer and closer with a knife in his had I knew it was rape some how but it was...different I just don't know how he held the knife high I screamed and screamed he cut my mouth off blood went everywhere and let me say it hurt he said "Hey Babe got a little drunk last night huh?" "muph-muph" "huh I Kat here you HAHA" he put a spoon into my eye and took BOTH OUT and kissed me "FUCK man no mouth haha" after a while passed I could talk "JEFF GET YOUR ASS IN HERE NOW" "OK babe...sup baby girl" DONT FUCKING CALL ME THAT WHAT..." "OH YOU ARE MINE BITCH SO YOU DO WHAT I FUCKING TELL YOU TO DO" "WHAT" " yep HA" "wait I cant...I CANT SEE" "oh right one sec...OK back here this wont hurt" "OK Jeff I Trusting you know" "OK 1...2...3" *SCREAMS* "Jeff I...I can see you" "yes..." "Jeff Want to..would you like" *kissing* "Later Katz" "Bye Jeff" "Just rest know babe" "OK Jeff." So he came back with a needle and thread he sewed a smile in my face and we lived know LET.ME.SEE.YOU.SMILE...


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