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you no the youtuber Jaxen?he made spinpasta wiki?and I saw a video by ....... I play it it start a logo (peppa pig -lost episode) it not made by Jaxen ross.and I say what (and I saw all episode by Jaxen ross)and I coppy hes episode and the new episode name (the rake) I not saw it I no I saw old rake story,i don't saw it and I saw I saw a big foto it was me(but I was died and I haw a knive I try to paint it but it want i try to say (im died)it want say back ,I try see a old foto of me(but it show me fat)I get angry and try to see my youtuber Jaxen ross it show pac man is on blood I try to see spinpasta but it want I try to see my video it show a new video it name Jaxen ross .exe I play it show me running I was in go!animate I show peppas evil clone she kill me I try to play a video it show spongebob,s huse music play backwards spongebob se me and he gon I saw sqidward face was fingersbloody spongebobs face it was real sponge,i shi# it end I kill myself==


Template:Hrb Written by Coola Lucaz Guy

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