Hi my name is Mason I like to study creepypastas Today after watching the Kirby trailer. I wanted to try it. But I experienced something else.

Day 1 It was dark. It was past my bed time. Still I kept searching for my Gameboy.

Day 2 I woke up in the night. Wanting to play a game on the day off. I opened the closet door and found my computer. I searched on it for the Kirby Game ROMs. I started searching for some hidden bosses. I found something called "Ghost.png"

Day 3 I called in my friend Joseph. I told him if he can do a ROM hack of the game. He said "What do you want added?". I told him "The boss Ghost.png"

Day 4 I tried the game. After reaching the boss. It was the Marowak ghost, But it was Glitchy. I said to my self "Why is IT here?". After defeating the boss, The game froze. I got scared and NEVER played with that boss ever again.

So this experience was pretty much real. Instead it happened in a Pokémon game with the code: BURIED_ALIVE Yep, Always something creepy...



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