Hey you! You must think u're pritty smert to cum' snoopin' in on may' like dat. Well, I found the tape in my ANUS, augghhhallll! I was on the pot, taking a fat dump, when a VHS tape came splashing into the toilet. I was goddern' shawked and eeeeeeeelkkkkkk,.......

I apologize for burning out on you like that. I was having a dam stroke. Wellll, anywaze, I picked up the gross and browned tape a put it in my VHS. A PICTURE OF GODZILLA SCORING WITH MOTHRA APPEARED ONSCREEN while trololololololo music played in teh background! I was flabbergasted from the picture. I tried to shut off the television, but then, A GUY WITH BOOBS APPEARED ONSCREEN. Why? Why? A story, in regards, could be so bizarre that even Smiledog would shat his fur!

Is the goal of life to defeat warlock? Rodan must have heard me screaming from his house. NES GODZILLA. I had sawn a TERRIFYING GROTESQUE IMAGE OF THE HELLBEAST FROM THE CREEPYPASTA HAVING SEX WITH SOLOMON.


I died.

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