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Silver the Turkey Hog08/08/2014Silver, Shadow and Sonic were screwing about at Green Hill Zone until Silver asked Sonic "What's in those woods?" Sonic answered "Don't go in there! Legend says an evil Turkey lurks there in the dark abyss! He may kill you or worse... He will morph his ass to you're head!". "But then again, you sort of already look like a Turkey's ass!" Shadow replied. "I'm no turkey's ass!" Scoffed Silver "I'm going in to take a look for myself!" Silver went in as Sonic and Shadow drove off in a limousine. It was a dark and cold night, with the full moon light, Silver the Hedgehog was prancing through the woods. He came across a haunted totem poll with a turkey's head on it. Then, Lassie came along and marked her spot on the totem pole and ran off. The totem poll stirred as Silver saw something horrible. The Turkey (who looks more like a vulture), from the Thankskilling film, erupted from the grave and possessed Silver's head. The five quills on Silver's forehead grew into feathers. The two longer quills on the back of Silver's head grew into feet. And the Turkey's head grew from the top of Silver's head. The Turkey then said "Gobble! Gobble! MOTHER-!" The last word of his quote was muffled by a farting noise coming from Silver's Forehead. A hole pulsated at the center of the five quills turned feathers and Silver screamed in horror as something came out!Silver the Hedgehog is owned by Sonic Team, SegaTurkey is owned by whoever made Thankskilling and Thankskilling 3

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