1. Users need to follow facilitator (bureaucrat) instructions. This is to help them learn what they are doing.
  2. The classes need to be taken in the order of the rank: Rollback, then VCROC, then Admin. Chat mod can be taken by anyone who is not in the admin class (admins are already chat moderators via the admin right).
  3. The same rules that apply on Creepypasta apply here; misbehavior will result in a site block and suspension from taking further classes.
  4. That being said; some people participating in situation tests for the students are explicitly asked to violate the rules to test the student handling of the situation. Due to this, they are exempt (somewhat) from the rule as what they are doing is in good faith.
  5. Supensions (blocks) go as follows: The first offense results in a warning by a facilitator (bureaucrat). The second offense results in a one week block. The third results in a one-month block, and the fourth results in a permanent suspension.

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