STOP if you don't want to die stop reading, once you start thinking about it it's in your head... NO ESCAPE NO ESCAPE FROM THE MIND! Late one night I was on the computer trying to find a good and free virus scan program...i found one, it was called “5* virus scan” it was actually really good. But then all I remember was falling asleep at the desk.

The next day I woke up at 5:55 am. The strange thing was that I woke up in bed, just then I started feeling really sick and everything turned black and rotten, I blinked and everything was back to normal. I looked at my computer monitor and saw this text with a black background “ERROR:55555” no idea what that was so I thought I probably downloaded some sort of virus with that “5* virus scan” thing so I completley removed it from my hard drive. Just then I heard a car pull up at my door, I looked out the window and the number plate was 55555. I heard heavy breathing coming up the stairs I turned around and a feeling of dread passed through me as I saw a man with a knife standing in the doorway, I ran as fast as I could but the man grabed me and pulled me up by the collar...he said only this “The mind is coming!” his skin was pale and he was wearing grey clothes with a vicious smile and empty eyes. I blinked and fell to the ground terrifyed.

I thought I should call a doctor so I ran down stairs and the house was empty, not a single person not even a sound just complete silence. Just then I looked at the clock and it said the time was 5”55 pm. I ran upstairs and heard that same heavy breathing. I quickly looked at my computers monitor and saw that my desktop background was a five, that heavy breathing turned out to be coming from under my bed I was really scared so I messaged my friend jeff to see if this was just a dream.

Me: jeff are you there?

Jeff: yup what is it?

Me: phew.

Jeff: The mind will get you!

Jeff: 1

Me: what?

Jeff: 2

jeff: 3

jeff: 4

Me: jeff are you ok?

Jeff: 5

Me: jeff???!!

jeff: SIX


Just then my chair spun round revealing that man I saw before. “THERE IS NO ESCAPING THE MIND!!” Then all of a sudden darkness consumed me......



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